Framing and FDDI in HDLC in Computer Networks: An Overview (900 words)

Understanding the underlying ideas that serve as the foundation for data transfer is crucial in the constantly changing world of computer network in hindi. This article addresses the framing in network communication, HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) in computer network in hindi, and FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface). This article will give you important insights into computer networks in Hindi, whether you’re a student getting ready for a network viva or just curious.

In computer networks, HDLC is to be understood:

A common data link layer protocol called hdlc in computer network in hindi, or High-Level Data Link Control, is essential for assuring dependable data transfer over a network. Let’s dissect the main features of HDLC in the context of computer networks in Hindi:

HDLC Foundations

  • A synchronous communication protocol is HDLC.
  • It functions at the OSI model’s data link layer.
  • Data transmission and error-checking capabilities are provided by HDLC.

Frame structure for HDLC:

  • The header, information field, and trailer are the three components that make up an HDLC frame.
  • Control information, addressing, and error-checking are all contained in the header.
  • The data is contained in the information field.
  • There is information about error-checking in the trailer.

Formats for HDLC:

Normal Response Mode (NRM), Asynchronous Response Mode (ARM), and Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) are the three operating modes that HDLC is capable of.

  • Normally, point-to-point connections use NRM.
  • Multipoint configurations employ ARM.
  • In more complicated networks, ABM is utilized.

Computer network framing:

A key idea in computer networks, particularly hdlc in computer network, is framing. It entails breaking the data stream into transmission-friendly frames. Let’s examine framing more closely now:

Goal of the Framing:

  • Data transmission requires structure, which framing offers.
  • It makes it possible to pinpoint the beginning and conclusion of each frame.
  • Error detection and rectification are aided by it.

Various Framing Styles

Character-oriented, bit-oriented, and byte-oriented framing are only a few of the framing methods available.

Byte-oriented framing is used by hdlc in computer network, and distinct bit patterns are used to separate frames.

Computer network FDDI:

fddi in computer network, or Fiber Distributed Data Interface, is another crucial idea. It is a type of high-speed networking that sends data using optical fiber. Let’s investigate FDDI in greater detail:

Overview of FDDI:

  • High redundancy and dependability are attributes of FDDI.
  • Up to 100 Mbps of data speeds are supported.
  • Critical applications that demand high availability frequently employ FDDI networks.

Ring topology for FDDI:

  • In FDDI networks, a dual-ring topology is typical.
  • One ring is in use, and the other one is a standby.
  • Data traffic immediately transfers to the backup ring in the event that the active ring experiences a failure.

Ethernet vs. FDDI:

Compared to Ethernet, FDDI is faster and more dependable.

fddi in computer network employs optical fiber, which is less prone to interference, Ethernet uses copper connections.

Viva Questions for Computer Networks:

Here are some sample computer network viva questions about HDLC, framing, and FDDI to help you get ready for your computer network viva:

  • What does framing in computer networks serve to achieve?
  • What different HDLC operating modes are there?
  • Compare and contrast the traits and applications of FDDI and Ethernet.
  • How does FDDI maintain network dependability if a cable breaks?


Anyone entering the field of network communication must have a solid understanding of HDLC, framing in computer networks, and ideas fddi in computer network. These fundamental ideas will open the door to a deeper comprehension of contemporary network technology, regardless of whether you’re learning computer networks in Hindi or getting ready for a test.

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